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(feb 13 2006)

i wish it really was july 3rd! it would be so much better.
i can't seem to get out of these winter blues. it's not that bad, but it lasts so long.

i'm bored as fuck and drinking grape juice out of a goblet because i can't get any wine. if i had my liscence i could go get it on my own, but i can't get shit because i always have to have someone pick me up to get it, if i'm at home.

but i guess in happier news... my bouncy ball collection is up to 51! & my little pony collection is i think on 39? and my alice in wonderland/through the looking glass book collection is up to 12! not including the one i still have to give back to jenny k, which i have no idea when that will happen.

i'm still with matt... things are going good. he moved in with my friend tabetha. i can't wait until tomorrow, because my mom's going to let matt come over. he has off, so i'm going to give him come to my work, give him my $16 dollars and have him get a bottle of whiskey and some wine (cheap stuff, i don't care). i hope we have a good valentines day.

well, seinfeld is starting in 14 minutes (yes, i still watch that show almost every day), and i want to smoke a cig. so see ya later.
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