audrina (pistolstar) wrote,

Hospital scare.
Week old news. Almost died of alcohol poisoning. Now going to quit drinking for a long time.

I was drinking before work... I wandered around the cemetery Jenny & I used to go to when we were younger. Sat around in there swigging vodka, the whole time thinking "What I'm doing is wrong."... I went to visit the statue with one hand that I used to visit all of the time. Went to work drunk, but for some reason thought I could pull it off. Got sent home - had nowhere go to, so I went to South Point. Sat in there drinking coca cola, mixed with vodka (which I did in the bathroom). Talked to people I didn't know. Apparently fell down and they called an ambulance. After this I blacked out and woke up on the 4th floor of the Hospital in detox after two days of being passed out. Spent two days there. Got released and now am sober for 9 days.

It's been hard but I have to do it. I'm on anabuse, so even if I slip up and have a drink, I'll get really sick. Throwing up, burning hot skin, etc. Doesn't sound fun. Going to see a counselor every week. After my financial papers get processed, I'll be going to group day treatment at Ministry 3 times a week for 4 hours each time. For 5 weeks. Great....

I guess my fun-loving party days are over for a while!
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go slow & be good to yourself. it sounds like you're comfortable (well, as much as one can be) with the direction you're moving in now? i know it won't be easy at all. but please do take care.
thank you. i am comfortable enough...
i promise to take care. you too =)


September 21 2006, 23:23:12 UTC 10 years ago

Jess omg, 2 DAYS MAN? WOW but your ok and maybe it's all for the better.. haha i wonder what you were saying to those strangers.. must have been scary tho.. I'm soo glad your ok, you should give me a call sometime.. when things are getting hard.. how are you and matt? how did your mom and geno take it all? *hugs please be careful.. is that stuff they have you on like a pill or a shot what is that?

get back to me asap dude..

yeah... it wasn't a fun experience. it's been a while since i drank now
not since the 8th of this month.