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I'm back.

Right now I'm kind of nervous... I don't really know why. I guess I should be getting ready for work.

Matthew is getting out on the 5th! I can't wait. I'm so anxious. I hope all of this maddness will end when he gets out... but what if it gets worse?... It better not! At least I'll be happier. I think I really need a drink right now, but have nothing, and it would be a bad idea before work anyway.

*wrings hands*

Still having weird dreams and nightmares. I really can't explain how scary my nightmares are. I wonder why I want to sleep so much when my dreams always leave me feeling weird when I wake up. Sometimes I have dreams that I'm Alice from Alice in wonderland, but it's way different. Those usually aren't that freaky.

Well, must get ready. & smoke. I want this feeling to go away.
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