audrina (pistolstar) wrote,

20 days sober. Feels like so much longer!

Matt got sent back to jail because he blew a 0.02 when his p.o. came to see him. He's going to be sent to Milwaukee and put in a drug & alcohol treatment center for 3 to 6 months. Great. He just fucking got out and now he has to go away again. I'm pretty pissed but there's nothing I can do.

I only have 8 Antabuse pills left and my Medical Assistance plan doesn't cover them... which can mean many things. In a way I wish I weren't on this fucking pill. But I would never have the willpower to not drink without it! At least not right now. Plus they make me really tired.

Sometimes I really resent all of the people out there who can just get drunk whenever they want... oh well.

I should really be finishing cleaning. See ya later.
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